LanServ Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What geographical area do you support?
For full server support we typically just deal with the St Louis, MO & IL metro areas.  For Spam filtering, we can support anywhere in the world.

What size businesses do you support?
Typically we support small businesses (1-20 users) all the way up to medium size businesses (20-500 users)

Do you have to come onsite every time there is a problem?
No, most of the time we use special software which lets us take "remote control" over your PC to resolve problems.  Hardware/network infrastructure failures usually require onsite visits.

What do we have to do to get on your spam filtering service?
The process is pretty simple, we just need to have your Mail Exchange (MX) records for your domain name (ie. pointed at our servers, then let us know your public IP address(es) of your SMTP server(s) & we will have the mail delivered there.  All we ask is that you have your servers only accept SMTP email from our public IP addresses (which is a minor modification to your configuration)

What types of businesses do you currently work with?
We currently have customers in the following fields: Nursing Homes, Accounting Services, Law Offices, Doctors Offices, Landscaping/Nurseries, Churches, Title Companies, Manufacturing,  Laboratories, and various non for profit organizations to name a few.