LanServ Inc.

Network Services

Knowledgeable, Capable, Responsive Support

Complete Network Administration: Onsite and Remote Support for Novell and MS200x Servers.
With the availability of Internet access most server and PC support can be accomplished remotely saving valuable time and money. When circumstances warrant, LanServ staff are available for onsite support.
Choice of Service Plans: Full Service, Discounted Block of Hours, or Time and Material Billing.
Some client companies want a value packed full service plan - proactive management of their networked system, while others look to support for particular situations and issues. Some companies don't want to incur the full time cost of a dedicated information technology employee, instead opting for a full service, managed approach to their networked system needs. Other companies may employ an individual to take care of daily or routine PC tasks while outsourcing more specialized tasks such as server and network management to LanServ.
Server Security and Support Agreement
This agreement ensures that all information and data comprising the client's information technology system is held in strictest confidence and is not shared with any third party under any circumstance. In addition, the client company receives continuous support based on industry best practices.
Complete Server Replacement or Enhancement
New server specifications, configuration, installation, and software migration to the new server, or just a server memory upgrade, or server storage enhancement, LanServ can do it all with experienced, knowledgeable, and capable support staff.
Server Software Upgrades or Updates
Server patches and fixes, service packs, updates, upgrades, reconfigurations, server upgrades and rebuilds, whatever the need, LanServ has the skill to accomplish the task in a timely, results driven mode.
Application Update and Revision Installation
Business application software may require timely and frequent, planned, and complex updates on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, basis. LanServ can effectively administer these updates with a minimum of system interruption.
Complete Network Configuration, Installation, and Support
LanServ, Inc. will provide the equipment, installation, configuration, support, and management of the network system.
Dedicated Email AntiVirus and AntiSpam Support
If your company owns a domain name and receives email, LanServ can filter and block email borne spam and viruses from entering your network. This service is not a replacement for antivirus protection for the desktop and server.
Email Hosting with Full Antivirus/Antispam Support
For small companies not wanting to purchase a complete email system, LanServ can host your domain name email with full antivirus and antispam protection.
System Moves, Changes, or Relocations
Planning a move? Let LanServ help with server relocation, system requirements planning, and infrastructure considerations to minimize downtime.
Periodic System and Network Review
Monthly or quarterly review and reporting of network status can include user internet activities, remote login/access, server storage trends, server memory usage, and many other indicators of network useage and performance. This information can be useful in planning the future technology requirements of your company.
Remote System Monitoring of Server Status, Power, Data Backup, Virus Attack
Automatic notification if system failures occur includes problems with system hard drives, power backup device, data/network backup device, internet access, virus infections, as well as other critical server and network functions.
Remote Monitoring of Internet Status
Internet connections are monitored continuously to ensure the integrity of virtual private network connections, internet access, and email functionality.
Hardware and PC Repairs
PC service and repairs, upgrades, periodic maintenance, and support for the Microsoft Windows Operating, installation of software applications and updates, service pak administration, printing problem resolution.
Software Application Liason
Software company blowing smoke at you? We'll talk to them with you.
System Documenation
Written documentation is important for critical or sensitive policies and procedures relating to the operational status of the networked system.
System and Network Capabilities Assessment
Planning a new application software installation and not sure whether your current system can handle it? LanServ will ask the right questions and provide the answers to ensure a successful application deployment.
Security Audit and Intrusion Detection
Firewall management is critical to the integrity of a network system in any company accessing the Internet today. Making sure that your company information stays within your company is a very important aspect of system management today.
Disaster Recovery Planning, Implementation, and Testing
LanServ will assist in developing a plan of action in the event that critical server systems are compromised.
Help Desk and Client KnowledgeBase
Managing a company's network means developing and maintaining specific information regarding the configuration, capabilities, and issues of that network in order to provide user support of day-to-day activities. Remote PC and printer administration is vital for timely and cost effective support.
Cable and Wireless Network Design Assistance
Help with understanding and deploying the cable system that will drive the network for years to come. Understand the limits of wireless deployment and know how to keep your network safe from eavesdropping and attack.